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Office Hours: Monday - Friday 5pm -9pm, Saturdays 9am -12pm   | Phone: 470-206-0225 | Email: info@momentumatlanta.com

Our winter/spring season is enrolling through mid-March. Students will participate in a full outdoor recital. 

We are expanding our studio, and will have even more amazing classes available soon!

Unless otherwise indicated, classes are 60 minutes long. The cost is $50 per month for the first class,

and $40 per month for additional classes (or sibling classes).

There is no registration fee; dance classes have a $40 costume fee that is due in March. 

To register, click the button - you will be taken to our registration portal where you can create an account and choose/pay for your classes.

Youth Classes

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2021 Winter/Spring Schedule


4:00pm Modern/Contemporary (ages 11+)

5:15pm Hip Hop/Jazz 2 (ages 13+)

6:20pm TheatreWorks (ages 11+)

6:20pm Hip Hop 1 (ages 11+)


4:15pm Ballet/Jazz 2 (ages 9-11)

5:20pm Tap 1 (ages 10+)

6:30pm Jazz Technique (ages 11+)

7:40pm Lyrical Jazz (ages 11+)


4:45pm Ballet 3/Pointe* (75-minute class, has additional fee and equipment)

5:15pm Musical Theatre Revue (ages 5-10)
6:20 Tap 3*

7:30pm Musical Theatre 1 (ages 11+)


5:30pm Hip Hop/Jazz (ages 5-9)

6:40pm Hip Hop/Jazz (ages 10-14)

7:45pm Tap Hop*


4:15pm Discover Dance (ages 4-5) (45-minute class)

5:10pm Ballet/Jazz (ages 5-7)

5:15pm Leaps and Turns (ages 10+)
6:20pm Ballet/Jazz (ages 8-11)

6:20pm Hip Hop 2 (ages 10+)*


9:00am Ballet/Tap (ages 5-7)

10:00am Broadway Jazz (ages 10+)


4:00pm Prodigy Training (invitation only)

*these classes have prerequisites and require instructor approval