Where do I pay?

You can pay through the Dance Studio Pro parent portal here. You can also check your child's contact information and class enrollment there as well.

Can I pay a lump sum for the full semester?

Absolutely, and you get a discount! You can pay for the entire semester for just $200 (a savings of $50). You can do that here: 

I want to drop a class, what do I do?

We require 30 days notice before dropping a class. Please email us at info@momentumatlanta.com to drop a class.

I want to add a class, what do I do?

You can update your enrollments in Dance Studio Pro here. You can also email us at info@momentumatlanta.com to request a class addition. 

How do I find out if we have class on a holiday?

Check out our closings calendar here. We follow Gwinnett County holiday and inclement weather closings.

When is the show for my musical theatre production?

All show and rehearsal dates are on the production sheet located here

When is the show for my dance class?

All the information you need for recital is in our show kit, located here

Do you offer make-up classes?

We do not offer make-up classes for students who miss do to illness and conflicts. If you miss an excessive amount of classes, we will work with you to make sure your student is up to speed. We do offer make-ups for Monday classes missed due to school closings. Those dates are shared mid-semester and will happen close to the show dates.

What is the dress code for classes?

We do have a dress code! Check out the dress code for each class in our parent handbook here.

Where can I buy low-cost shoes, leos and tights?

We have a store in partnership with Revolution Dancewear. Check it out!

How can I stay in the loop?

We communicate primarily via email, but we also post frequent updates in our closed Momentum Arts Youth group. To request access to that group, click here.

Parent Resources

Need to pay, need information, or have a question? Check out the links below to see if they help!