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Office Hours: Monday - Friday 5pm -9pm, Saturdays 9am -12pm   | Phone: 470-206-0225 | Email: info@momentumatlanta.com

As Momentum continues to offer in-person programming during the pandemic,  we will be taking strong measures to protect you and your children. These procedures continue to be an adjustment for most of us - we appreciate your support as we all get used to the new systems. Here are some of the ways we are working to keep you well:

1. All programs will be drop-off only. Family members will not be permitted to wait in the lobby. (There are some exemptions to this - students with medical issues, etc. ) For camps and younger classes, an instructor will meet students by the orange benches to check them in and ensure that they have entered the building safely. An instructor will lead the class outside to wait for parents at the end of camps and classes. 

2. As mandated by the state, all students must have their temperature taken when entering the building. Students with a high temperature will not be allowed to participate in programming and will need to leave the studio.

3. All students will be required to use sanitizer or wash their hands with soap before and after each class.

4. No street shoes will be allowed on the studio floor. Students should plan to change their shoes in the designated space in the lobby before entering the studio.

5. We will be severely limited the use of props, and each students will be given a designated area for their personal items.

6. Choreography and blocking will be adjusted to eliminate physical contact and to minimize times where students are less than 6 feet apart. Students will be given designated, marked areas in which to warm up in an effort to keep them 6 feet apart at all times. 

7. At this time, masks are required for all participants over the age of 4, including instructors, unless there is a medical need to not wear a mask.  

8. We will be staggering pick-up and drop-off times for activities to ensure social distancing in the building. 

9. The studio will not provide any snacks, and students will not be allowed to share food. Students will be required to bring their own water bottle, which must be taken home each day and washed.

10. We will be sanitizing frequently used areas and materials before and after each class, and regularly throughout the day.

11. We will be closely adhering to the 32 guidelines set forth by the state!

Commited to Keeping You Safe